14 de marzo de 2015

Marple Hall Show&Tell - Presenters' resources

Hola, Salut, Guten Tag, 

Very big thank you to all our presenters and attendees at the Marple Hall's Show&Tell event. 
Muchas gracias for giving up your Saturday to come and share some fantastic ideas. I will be definitely using many ideas in the next couple of weeks with my classes. 

Big thank you as well to Helen Terrington for all her lovely Mary Glasgow magazines and for coming... all the way from London! 

I would also like to thank Ana Castillo for putting in so much effort in organising this event. It has been a pleasure to give her a hand and to see all the hard work you have put in. Very impressive!

Find below all the presentations and resources that our presenters have used during the event. You can download them directly just by clicking on the title of their presentation. 

I have also attached the pdf versions of the stickers you found in your goody bags. I hope you liked them ;) The only thing you need to get them printed in your schools is... labels!!! The ones I used are the Avery Mini Labels, which you can buy online. 

Isabelle Jones @icpjones 
Alderley Edge School for Girls
Music & grammar

Liza Coop
Copley Academy 
Expensive sentences 

Ana Castillo @anacastillo333
Marple Hall School
Improving writing through peer critique

Celine Froc 
Marple Hall School
Preparation for speaking assessment on Healthy Living

Dominic McGladdery @dominic_mcg 
Sarah Butter's presentation
Consett Academy
Time management

Colin Sharp @cjsharp2
Marple Hall School
Spontaneity in speaking assessments 

Sarah Butter
Hazel Grove High School
Injecting fun into speaking KS3/KS4
Sarah Bashford and
her Pearson stand

Pamela Zapata
Hazel Grove High School
SEN friendly MFL resources

Nathalie Janvier 
King David High School 
Lovely sandwiches provided by
Vision for Education
Gracias Gary!!!
Using Quizlet for vocab learning 

Annalise Adam @thwartedmum
Crofton School
German short stories

Lauren Watkinson @caldies_mfl
Calderstones School 
Numeracy in MFL 
Liza Coop's expensive sentences
were very popular 

Philippa Ramsumair @MrsRamsumair
Wellington School 
Target Language use 

Marta Soriano Florez @msorianoforez

Camille Dionisi 
Christleton High School 
Colour code marking

Joe Dale @joedale

(Thanks a lot for all your ideas!!!) 
As we said today, remember his iPad twilight on 30th April in St Bernadette's RC Primary School!

Italian (big thanks to Julie Cross for writing some phrases in Italian for me!)
German (big thanks to Vicky Glennon for writing some phrases in German!)

Some other stickers that you can also make in school are: Real Madrid Fabuloso (Not my favourite to be honest since I am a Barça fan but Ana loves them); David Silva - Un trabajo increíble.

And finally, congratulations to all the winners of our raffle tickets! Very jealous of Adam Jones and his German stampers! 

Again, big thanks to everybody today,

Kind regards

Sara Jáen 

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